T-WAll Germany

Friction Addiction and T-Wall work in a partnership to provide you with the world’s best climbing walls made in Germany

Climbing wall builders from the very start

Since we started designing and building artificial climbing walls back in 1989, we have again and again set new benchmarks. We started at a time when rock climbing was just gaining in popularity and at the same time underwent a great degree of professionalization, with early competitions, the first artificial climbing structures and the first climbing world championships – held on a wall built by us - T-Wall. 

A one-stop shop for everything from holds to finished walls

We have designed and built competition climbing walls throughout our long-standing partnership with the competition climbing division of the German Alpine Club (DAV), but our range of services is much broader: we also build custom-made walls for climbing and bouldering gyms and climbing facilities for pre-schools, schools, physiotherapy facilities and landscaping. We are a true one-stop shop for everything from holds to finished walls, for indoor and outdoor facilities, for markets not only in Germany, but across Europe and beyond.

Our vision: safe facilities and thrilled climbers

Our team has built almost 100,000 square metres of climbing surfaces since we first started. T-Wall’s sophisticated, innovative climbing walls are the result of more than 20 years experience. We work with our clients to develop creative solutions that are tailor-made to their needs. We support and advise our clients competently and reliably, from the initial concept through to its full implementation and beyond. We share our clients’ passion for climbing, and this passion is what drives us to put our vision into practice, day after day: to build safe facilities that thrill climbing enthusiasts.


We create emotion

The euphoria of having mastered a difficult passage, the thrill of climbing through the crux, the feeling of flow when dancing along the vertical – climbing generates a whole range of intense emotions. Our artificial climbing walls are the fabric of which climbers weave intense climbing experiences, and the canvas on which they paint lasting images.

We live and breathe safety

Safety is our highest priority and the prerequisite for pure, unadulterated climbing joy. We therefore continually strive to produce technically perfect facilities that comply with all current standards and regulations. To achieve this goal reliably even within tight time and budget constraints, we use efficient, computer-supported processes and innovative building materials and draw on more than 20 years experience in building climbing walls.

We move mountains

Easy – we just transfer them to our cities. No time to get out there? Rainy weather again? Indoor climbing walls allow climbers to train in any weather and in the terrain of their choice: whether crimpy faces, technical dihedrals or challenging overhangs – T-Wall artificial climbing walls combine a wide variety of different terrains for both indoor and outdoor climbing experiences. In doing so, T-Wall climbing walls create an ideal space for pushing personal limits and moving inner mountains.

We provide comprehensive consultancy

Perfect climbing walls require perfect planning. We take the time to discuss our clients’ preferences and needs in great detail in order to develop perfectly matched solutions, and we provide extensive advice and assistance. Many years of experience with climbing wall design and construction have taught us the difference between what is possible and what is not, and we are happy to share this knowledge throughout the construction phase and beyond, in facility maintenance and safety.

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