Hold Selection

Need Help?

Selecting climbing holds can be a very daunting task. There are dozens of manufacturers with 10’s of thousands of holds on offer and the industry keeps expanding on a daily basis.

We at Friction Addiction are entrenched in this industry and have the know how to make this decision process a quick and easy one for you.


Need climbing holds for your climbing facility?

We’d love to help you get the right holds for your gym to the point where we are happy to help you choose holds from manufacturers we don’t distribute ourselves, even if that means you’ll be ordering from our ‘competition’. In the end, it comes down to you receiving the right holds for your facility, this will grow the sport of climbing and its a win win situation for everyone.

Usually how it works is the following:

  • You get in touch with us and we discuss your upcoming hold order.

  • We look at what you already have in your gym and where this new order fits in

  • We come up with a budget for your order and do a first selection of holds, volumes or a combination of both.

  • You review and give the okay, holds get ordered and placed for manufacturing with the manufacturers.

  • Once the holds arrive in Australia, we send them to your gym and can of course offer route setting services too, find more info on that here

Should you already have a rough idea of what you’d like, we always double and triple check our customers’ orders to make sure it is really what you want and need.

Have a competition coming up and need new flashy holds?

Especially due to our event organisation and route setting background we understand how important it is to have something new for a competition or an event at your facility.

We do carry a large amount of stock in Australia which can be sent out to you within a couple of days.

Should you be planning ahead and have a competition in a couple of months time, we can even order holds from overseas in for you in time for your event.

In a rush and want something extra special? At extra cost, holds even in large quantities can even be airlifted from Europe to AUS, which can bring the delivery timeline down from around three to four months to a meagre one month including manufacturing.

Have an event and looking for sponsorship? Get in touch with us, whether its for Friction Addiction gear such as chalk, or climbing holds from a specific manufacturer. Let us know and we can have a chat about what can be done!


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Building a home climbing wall and need stuff yesterday?

We do hold a rather extensive range of climbing holds in stock for here in Australia and can dispatch holds within a couple of days.

Please follow the link below which takes you to our retail section of Friction Addiction where you will be able to see exactly what we currently have on offer for you!

Happy shopping and call in again soon!