Q: Where can i find local stock of Friction Addiction products?

A: We’re currently only stocked in a select view climbing gyms around the country as well as around a handful gyms all over the globe from the US, to Japan and Germany.

Q: I own a climbing gym and need new holds, can you help?

A: We know the process of ordering and so more, selecting climbing holds can be a daunting task. Especially so if you are not a route setter yourself. We’re here to make this process as easy for you as possible. Please get in touch with us via email, mobile or the contact form and we will guide you through the process.

Q: I’m looking to build a climbing gym, can you design, build, construct walls as well as route set for the opening?

A: Yes, yes, yes and yes :) We’re here to help you through the whole process. Our partner for climbing and bouldering walls is the german manufacturer T-Wall. We can do the design for you, work with your ideas and refine until everyone is happy. Then give the wall into production, and once the materials land in Australia, we can put the whole thing together for you too. At the same time, we distribute climbing holds from over 20 different brands and can therefore provide you with a 1 stop shop solution, covering all bases.

Q:You offer climbing gym consulting, what is that all about?

A: Our climbing gym consulting varies depending on your needs. Our team consists of head route setters, gym operators, managers and business consultants. If you have any issues in your climbing gym, whether it be route setting, business performance, marketing etc. you name it. We can most likely either directly assist or at least point you in the correct direction to get you in touch with someone who can!