Route Setting


We have several world class route setters on our team who specialise in coaching others and assisting your head route setter or general route setters get to their full potential.

Does your gym not look the part in terms of climbing offered? Do you receive customer complaints about route tern over, route quality, safety? Get in touch, we offer commercial route setting services as well as route setting clinics of different levels.

Our clinics are highly customisable to perfectly suit your facility and cater for your setters current abilities.



Do you feel like your gym should be performing better than it is, or you’re simply not reaching your goals as quickly as you had anticipated? We can help!

With our business consultations we help you improve business performance, efficiency and profitability.

Or are you on the other end of the spectrum and are considering opening a climbing facility? We can guide you through the whole process from initial planning, to opening!


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Building a climbing wall or a gym? We would be delighted to assist you with the design process to assure you’re getting the best gym or wall possible for your space.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • climbing wall design

  • training space design

  • common area layout and design

  • front counter layout and design

  • cafe space layout and design


It all started when…

we at Friction Addiction rapidly outgrew the initial offering of FA. We noticed that more and more of our industry partners were looking after assistance, whether a casual chat on the phone to get their head around small facility issues, or bigger things from guidance on how to turn around a failing business, all the way to assistance with opening up climbing gyms.

We believe knowledge should be shared in the Australian climbing industry to grow the sport of climbing, grow the communities involved in the sport and eventually grow the whole industry. We want to do our part by working with you!