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Friction Addiction Climbing Equipment

Friction Addiction climbing has outgrown its originally intended scope of a small climbing equipment supplier for climbing essentials such as chalk, tape and brushes and has over the years grown to also offers a range of other services such as Route Setting, Climbing Gym Consulting, Climbing Holds Distribution, Climbing Wall Construction and much more.

We’ve become a one-stop shop for all things climbing and should you have a project, no matter the size or scope, please feel free to contact us, we’d love to work with you!


Upcoming Events

Friction Addiction is heavily involved in the local as well as wider Australian climbing community. Below you can find our currently listed events in which we’re participating in one way or another. Cya there!


Climbing Holds

We are the proud distributors for a large range of climbing hold companies from all over the globe and serve the Australian, New Zealand and Oceania market. Click below to find out more!


Climbing Walls

Friction Addiction is the proud Australian partner of T-Wall climbing walls from Germany. If you’re looking to build a climbing wall, open a gym or simply are curious, have a look here!


Climbing Gym Services

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